We offer you high quality PCB fabrication service in India. In this service, you can get 3pcs of boards of your design. For sizes and pricing please refer table below. PCBs ship in less than 12 working days from ordering (Excluding weekends and holidays).


Gerber CAM files Specification:

Please generate Gerber files with following format

Top layerpcbname.GTL
Bottom layerpcbname.GBL
Solder Stop Mask toppcbname.GTS
Solder Stop Mask Bottompcbname.GBS
Silk Toppcbname.GTO
Silk Bottompcbname.GBO
NC Drillpcbname.TXT
Milling layerpcbname.GML



Eagle CAM File (coming soon…)

Eagle DRC File (coming soon…)


  • Board outline must be included in top layer with 0.0254cm or 10mil thickness.
  • The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.
  • Sub-PCBs can only be separated by silk screen. Long V-slot and a strip of holes to separate the sub-PCBs are not allowed.
  • Only one design is allowed per PCB.
  • Drills line and long slot cannot be accepted.
  • Minimum slot 1mm*1mm.
  • Please try to make your PCB width larger than 20mm to reduce manufacturing cost.
  • PCB design must be in the length range (not area) of the dimensions you selected.


Design Rules and Manufacturing Capabilities:

Number of LayersSingle-sided, double-sided
Maximum Board Size(Dimension)30 x 30 cm
Board Size Tolerance(Outline)±0.5mm
Board Thickness1.6mm
Board Thickness Tolerance(t≥1.0mm)±10%
Board Thickness Tolerance(t<1.0mm)±0.1mm
Minimum Trace6mil (0.15mm)
Minimum Spacing6mil (0.15mm)
Finished Copper Thickness (Outer Layer)35μm/70μm (1 OZ/2 OZ)
Drill Sizes (CNC)0.3 – 6.6mm & 8mm
Minimum Annual Ring0.153mm (6mil)
Finished Hole Diameter (CNC)0.2mm-6.2mm
Tolerance of Finished Hole Size (CNC)±0.08mm
Solder MaskLPI
Minimum Character Width (Legend)0.2mm
Minimum Character Height (Legend)0.8mm
Character Width to Height Ratio (Legend)1:05
Minimum Backset (Distance from Copper to Board Edge)0.5mm (20mil)
Minimum Diameter of Plated Half Holes0.4mm
Surface Finish HAL Sn PbHAL Sn Pb

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